Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Tibetan Researchers speaks at the Biodiversity and environment conference in South India.

Two Environment Research fellows form the Tibet Policy Institute presented their papers at the International Conference on Biodiversity, Climate Change and Environmentl Science 2017, in Coimbatore, South India.

Around thirty different papers were presented at the two day conference. Most of the participants were young Indian scientist and researchers who presented their new finding of their respective field works.  Some of the participants even introduced new data apps that can quickly map biodiversity in a particular region.

Zamlha Tempa Gyaltsen, an environment research fellow at the Tibet Policy Institute (TPI) presented his paper on ‘Climate change on the Tibetan Plateau: Looking at increasing cases of natural disasters on the world’s highest plateau’. 

Mrs Dechen Palmo, environment research fellow at the (TPI) presented her paper on ’China’s strategic interest in the Yarlung tsanpo (Brahmaputra river)’. The talks on Tibet’s environment by the two Tibetan delegates were very warmly received by the organizers and the audience as highly informative. An information that people in this part India has very little knowledge of.

There were some very interesting papers such ‘Rapid urbanization influencing remnet-ecosystem, changing biodiversity in certain areas in West-Bengal’, ‘prioritization and conservation of biodiversity hotspots in western ghats of Maharashtra’.

The conference was organized by the Department of Botany, Nirmala College for Women in Coimbatore, in collaboration with the International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation (IMRF).

The two TPI researchers would also give a talk on Tibet’s environment at the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Studies, Bengaluru on September 11, 2017 another talk at USI in Delhi on September 15, 2017.

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