Wednesday, 6 June 2012

World Environment Day: EDD in Action

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 marks the 40th observance of World Environment Day, a global day for environmental awareness organized by the United Nation since 1972.

In Dharamshala (a north Indian city in Himachal Pradesh), several events and activities were organized to raise awareness about environment protection and discuss ways to restore it. Tibetan Women's organization observed the day by organizing various green events such as marathon race, cycle rally, mass clean up & tree plantation. The Local Indian NGOs led by Prof. Kalia also organized events which included poster and speech competition among children of three local Indian schools.

Mr. Jigme Norbu highlighting the environmental threat facing the Tibetan Plateau: the Third Pole

The 4th Khoryug conference on Environmental protection for Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, nunneries and dharma centres was held in Norbulingka between June 5 and 9. His Holiness the 17 Karmapa chaired some of the important sessions of the conference which aims to educate monks and nuns in environmental science. The participants were also educated to develop self-reliance within Buddhist institutions, so that in the face of climate change and natural disaster they have a pre-prepared plan and are able to functioni as leaders withing the community.

Mr. Tsering Dhundup listening to the individual experiences in the event of an earthquakes and discussing survival methods during a group session.
The EDD staff took active participation in these events and highlighted  the environmental threats currently facing the world in general and Tibetan Plateau in particular, driven by both climate change and man-made environmental degradation. In addition, monks and nuns were also educated about disaster preparedness especially earthquakes. They were also given some practical training of what to do during a natural disaster and how to be prepared to face any eventuality in future.

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